Sunday, September 4, 2011


Writing is underway to encourage those who read this Blog to come to the CHESS TNT event Andrew Martin and I are hosting at the Gentlemens Chess Club in Davenport, Iowa at 1101 W. 4th St., home of some of the earlier Chess Clinics.

Today I was in church and looking around noticed it was 1/3rd full. As I ruminated on this some more, it occurred to me, in a deep way, that we have become a Society of "I don't feel like its." Some of us are overworked, underpaid, under appreciated, and we want to "stay home." We venture out for the job and groceries. And now that Borders is basically gone, what then? Best Buy...hardly!

Some take to drink, sex, smoking, drugs... supposedly all pleasure pursuits. We are too worn out to do much or care about much. We get tired of people asking effort from us, helping others, being responsible... and then, when we get three GOOD night's sleep in a row, all of a sudden, with the sun shining outside, we feel more like being HUMAN again!

Get some sleep. Forget about exercising your head off for a couple days, cut down on the Fast Food (I had to virtually eliminate it)... and do some sleeping. Do not load up on coffee, don't even get in or out of the run of making it.

Eventually, you will FEEL alive again, and then perhaps I can encourage you to come to the CHESS TNT event Oct. 21-22 in Davenport, IA by car or via the Moline International Airport.

What I HAVE noticed is that it is SELDOM about the $$$, what it is often about is "getting out of a comfort zone of just zoning out." The News is boring, there is another damn graduation party to go to, Christmas is coming up, somebody is getting married and we aren't interested in that, and the restaurant we sometimes eat at is getting mediocre.

Hope you feel better on Labor Day... and send me your $99 registration and sign up! It sure would make MY Labor Day nice for a change. And if you are getting fully charged, I am having my Birthday Tournament next Saturday at the GCC. There will NOT be a lot of candles on the cake... that's TOO MUCH comfort.

That event is $25.

Contact: for additional details to get out of the "rut zone."

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