Tuesday, September 27, 2011


When anyone sends DVDs, CDs, Books via Media Mail (which I use most of the time) the packages are subject to inspection. I think this is where the bastards "lose" stuff. Open something up, take a look to see if the sender is conforming to their stack of regulations and, if they are honest, resealing the package and sending it on, no doubt causing FURTHER DELAY.

What I didn't know is that IF I include a sheet or two mentioning some upcoming product, that is considered "advertising." If a catalog is included via UPS, the PO has no control over them. If it is "advertising," I am in violation of, as I said, a stack of regulations. As Media Mail is the slowest form of shipping, it's pretty clear that urgency is not on my mind, or I would send it first class, which I do when I send DVDs in a light envelope and ship them first class. Thus, I am NOT trying to get First Class service by including something in with a book.

They STILL have this 13 oz. weight limit for packages because of "white powder" and "explosives" that losers sent through the mail years ago. A study was done of these types of people and the conclusion was: they wanted ATTENTION. While these whatevers get their attention, the rest of us have to put up with a system that slows everything down.

The post office really dropped the ball when the "internet" was becoming an interesting phenomenon and they are still pissed that the lucrative first class mail thing they had going was not operating profitably (but that didn't stop the unions in asking for more and more for their workers). The fact that utility companies and banks and tons of other people still use first class mail and bulk first class mail (presorted) is still lost on them. They can't imagine why people would choose to use other services. For one, the USPS isn't "competitive" like they used to be. If it isn't a book or DVD you are sending, it gets very, very expensive. And they are constantly trying to UPSELL at the crowded counters.

The last "S" in USPS stands for "service" but often, it really isn't. At my PO sometimes the LINE of waiting payers extends out the door into the lobby and everyone walking through in the background of the counter "pretends" not to notice. The postmaster hides in his office or offers to open a door for a little old lady. The amount of productivity lost is astronomical.

One friend of mine, who does do occasional counter work, claims he is the fastest counter person there. But he's not, he's the slowest! He chats with everyone and tells them stuff that only slows the process down such as 'This will get there in 3 days unless you go Priority, yada yada." Most of the customers don't ask for additional info. I just want my mail delivered to the right person in good shape.

Several years ago I was in the Savannah area of Georgia at the Rincon post office. These folks kicked ass and didn't take names. If there was a line they brought another person out. But it didn't matter a whole lot as the line moved quickly.

Here, and I am sure elsewhere, people come in to buy ONE forty-four cent stamp. They ask why there is no longer a machine in the lobby, etc. (It was removed years ago.) If these nitwits were allowed to just drop their ONE letter in the mail, for FREE, the USPS would save a LOT of manpower dealing with these people, immediately. That saves money. Of course, as soon as that happens, people will come in and ask for TWO stamps.

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