Sunday, September 18, 2011


Petrosian the Punisher is the sixth title in the Chess Gangs of New York and London series. The cover art was done by my son, who has done all the covers... and he even added Petrosian's famous 5 o'clock beard. The Pacman character was added instead of the "logo" of Marvel's "The Punisher" to round out the comedy. You can see the Moscow "onions" in the background. This is part of the fun of doing this.

While I have been gathering some games it seems like I have little or nothing on the man from his simuls of places like Chicago and other trips he has made. In general I am looking for games that aren't in ChessBase, 30 moves or less, where Petrosian flattened the "regulars." And he could do it too. I've seen games where his opponents gave up and no one knew, possibly for minutes, why.

Send them in PGN of CBF and I will use and credit. It would especially nice if you were there and could offer some insight.

This book will be a little longer than usual, carry more games (hopefully), and fill a void in Petrosian literature. The price will be higher too, $15.95. You can get one FREE if your purchases from G&L CHESS for the months of September and October total $100 or more.


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