Wednesday, September 7, 2011


For the time being anyone can receive this newsletter beyond those who are already members or those in a closely defined geographic area. Why?

Because, who knows? As I wrote some time back, the Mechanics Institute in San Francisco has many dues paying members who don't live near S.F. It also helps when promoting an organization through Press Releases though it is too late to get one out this week (impossible to remember everything and to remember to put it on a calendar.)

This Thursday evening I will instruct on some  endgame aspects, which I am sure will be easier than reading a book or watching a video because it will be easy to participate. Last week there were four people present and at critical points of the game I would poll attendees for suggestions or comments. Everyone has a thought! At the very least, an idea of something they would consider.

So it's kind of a painless learning experience. AND, in attempt to get more to show up, books and dvds will be given away from my personal stash.

Come if you can. Afterward we can all skittle and even I will play! In the future there will be rated Thursday night games.

You have to play to keep the rust from forming. A quote I found in On the Endgame by Purdy was quite compelling, "Errors are the lifeblood of chess."

The week moves fast when you are busy, right? This Saturday it's time for another rated tournament. There will be some cake and ice cream as I celebrate Bob's Birthday Bash on September 10 (real birthday is later this month). It's $25 for the entry fee. 4 rounds, Game in 1 (60 minutes). We can do the 5 second delay depending on what clock you use. Two sections, 1500 and under and over 1500. Everyone has a chance. See ya there!

PS: Oh yes, I hate last minute telephone registrations for one simple reason—pairings are made and sometimes the telephoner doesn't show up. What then happens is someone is screwed out of having an opponent, which is NOT right. However, you can have your credit card on file with me and I will charge your account with the idea it is more than likely you WILL show up. Why does this happen? Don't ask me, but in my experience, it happens more than once with the same people. So let's be GENTLEMEN, which has been a pleasant experience so far. Fourth newsletter goes out today. Ask to be put on it--who knows when you might come by. And I will be open from 1-3 p.m. too.

PSS: Rotten weather (bad snow or rain, for example) and Holidays the store will remain closed. The only Holiday on Thursday is Thanksgiving and there are none on Saturdays.


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