Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Some of you might know that I have been looking for panelists to write for the revised edition of The Chess Gazette. Issue #159 will look like none of its previous brethren and that is being done on purpose. Yes, there will be product news, pictures, and stuff for sale, but now... additional things too.

I've been looking for writers with experience... or even NEW writers who hopefully have something interesting to say. I have contacted 4-5 people so far and some who might come on board, I should hear from soon enough (I hope). After "thinking" how easy all this writing that Bob Long does, now they are going to get a chance to prove it. Going by the slowness to answer, it may have already proved that good writing does have value.

However, one very fine gentleman (see picture) has stepped forward and already submitted an article. It is so good and so lengthy it will be broken into two parts... and it has a photograph and one heckuva an amazing story. I won't reveal that here except to tell you the author is famed chess historian John Hilbert, from Buffalo NY.

John has written with me before, in issue #5 of Lasker & His Contemporaries, which won a Cramer Award for best new publication. A really nice obelisk and check came with this award and it is due to John's submission, as I never submit anything for awards. I've probably stated my reasons before.

John has turned out 10 books, I think all of them in hardcover, and of course we will be stocking those (and have been, off and on over the years). They will also get PR because I appreciate so much what he will be doing for us readers.

It takes a little burden off of me to do something like this every month. If you have something worthwhile to say, contact me. I would love to have a stable of writers to use in some sort of rotation. There is no pay for this (sorry) but a chance to expose your own work. I have some other ideas and people to contact, so, as I usually write, "Stay tuned."

The issues of the Chess Gazette for the time being will be FREE but you have to give me your email address. Then they will be sent to you once every few weeks (3-4) to peruse and enjoy. The variety of chess topics will be wide. What John will show us in articles 2-3 is how discovering a game on our Brooklyn Daily Eagle CD lead to an amazing discovery beyond the chess and a topic so fascinating it is hard to believe. This CD by John Blackstone and Herman Helms (the original editor) sells for $25 + $4 for shipping (USA). It contains more than 2,500 games from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle and "notes" about where to get MORE information. Input in ChessBase format. It's a stroll through some pretty fabulous history.

I just finished re-reading GM Jonathan Rowson's article republished in New in Chess The First 25 Years, An Anthology 1984-2009. If I can get more of that book, they are $35.00 each (and they are only distributed in Europe for some reason) + $5 for shipping (in USA). Please allow 3-4 weeks for me to get more. In Rowson's article he discusses objectivity, subjectivity, and doing reviews. And he reviews the same way I've been reviewing for 25+ years. His column had some dissenters, who I figured were mainly of the "I'm only interested in the 'analysis'" type, an area where the vast majority of our readers readers (TPi) do not belong. To each their own, as long as they belly up to the bar, eh?

It's going to be another busy day. Birthday Bash tournament coming this Saturday at the Gentlemens Chess Club (1101 W. 4th St., Davenport, IA). I'll be sending out some flyers on this (PDF). Trying to figure out how to keep some ice cream cold. Food like cake and ice cream my be served at the beginning, while games are in progress. I don't believe there is a USCF rule against this. Hopefully I will talk about "rules" this week... what a Knightmare.

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