Monday, September 5, 2011


Not a slant at all really.

Many years ago I wrote a review of Brad Darrach's book on Fischer (Bobby Fischer vs the World). I had said that from my experience in New York, in Iceland, and in Denver, what Darrach wrote was true as far as I could tell. I reread the book a few years ago before selling my copy. I still believe what I wrote.

Now comes New in Chess issue #4 for 2011 and a terrific picture and story article on Fischer by his most noted photographer, Harry Benson. Benson not only writes well, but WAS a phone friend of Fischer's up to 2 months before Fischer died! He would occasionally get a phone call, often in the middle of the night. (Fischer could be extremely self-centered and inconsiderate. Benson didn't TRY hard to be his buddy and he and Fischer got along well)

Benson doubted that Fischer was crazy, he just felt woefully underappreciated, an area where Frank Brady doesn't say much in his ENDGAME (the book I gave to 21 of my top customers this last February). Who did Fischer feel the most underappreciated by? It was his own government before he went to Sveti Stefan! You'll have to read it to get the full impact. Great photos including one of Fischer lying on his bed with his winner's check in his hand, asleep.

Benson said that at least 80% of Darrach's book is on the money, probably 80%+ and at one point he opines, "maybe it's all true." I think it was and it made Fischer uncomfortable to be exposed for the way he really acted.

I ordered some copies and have the new version of the magazine on hand, large size, 106 very colorful pages. This time LOTS of coverage on US chess as well as Fischer. Also great articles on Gelfand, the Soviet chess school, Kamsky, and the St. Louis Chess Club. It's $12.75 for a copy plus $4 for shipping in the US and $11.50 for Gold Card members + $4 shipping.

Last night I put together a two-pager which will be dropped in the shipping packages of every order I send out. It is called ADVANCE PREVIEWS SEP. #01, 2011. In it I give two lines to each of new titles (books and DVDs) I have received whether in hand, or as review copies and to be received soon. I did something along this line many years ago and the backorders became a mess because I didn't make it clear enough which was which. I hope I have this time; TWO sections plus upcoming TPi titles. 7-8 were dropped into the various orders I had standing by for titles just received. This "news item" will not get emailed, just added to orders I send out. Just another reason to make G&L CHESS your one stop chess shopping experience. I really do desire YOUR business.

My Blog about the "Comfort Zone" we all have was, perhaps, the best one I have written and urge you to read it as I don't often write on Sunday.

Unknowingly, we let things pass because we are tired, beat up, worn out, and are faced with more things to do. No one I know knows this better than myself. There is a lot going on and most of us work hard to keep going. Now and then some good old R&R is a great feeling. So... taking my own advice, and that offered by Sarah, I took off for several hours on Saturday and drove to Burlington Iowa (as I watched spaniels bouncing of the hood of my car, it really was raining cats & dogs, but it was OK). I dropped into an antique shop (they have many) where I purchased a used Whisky Bottle Decanter in the shape of a Mississippi Riverboat Gambler. $12. I had seen it before and as a "Be Back" I did go back, several months later. And... I talked to the ladies there about renting floor space and a case to put chess sets in! You never know till you try.

Then I stopped at "Weird Harold's" and picked up "The American," starring George Clooney. I saw it at the movies where it didn't make much sense so I wanted to watch it at my leisure, which I did, and it made MORE sense.

Lastly, I got some food at an A&W (not really fast, it took some time to prepare...LOL) and drove home. 160 miles round trip. Today at 1 p.m., a picnic with Nate's family at West Lake Park. We all need a time out (I usually work most holidays unless I have an invite to somewhere)... and that's why I suggest the CHESS TNT event. Chances are you will make new friends, learn new things, and rediscover FUN again for only $99.

This week I would really find it keen if you would register with me. I will also publish a list of hotels and motels I recommend and phone numbers. (You usually can get a better deal with a local phone # than using one of those 800 numbers... a tip.)

Enjoy the Holiday for a too! Tomorrow, perhaps a revelation about a MYSTERY chess author for TPi after a hundred year silence!


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