Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I like Vassily Ivanchuk... a real chess brainiac. I like Grischuk too. But I hate these "qualifiers" which start out as Classical chess and descend into blitz chess. Does a world champion have to be good at both to be a world champion?

Why not have a World Blitz title and the regular chess title? This Farce by FIDE really does have to go. Ivanchuk makes a mistake and he is out. I would love to see Ivanchuk be the Candidate because you would see some interesting chess from a guy who once dropped out of chess (for what, two weeks?).

I've been researching some games recently for personality #6 in the Chess Gangs of New York and London and "classic chess" was the epitome to me. Brilliant conceptions, dashing adventures, amazing results. Now, not even the contestants are THAT sure they are going to "go through" and then end up in another event, the world chess championship, where it too may be decided by "blitz chess." (Look at Grischuk's tactics, GET to the Blitz.)

The chess politicians from FIDE, including Kalmykia, Greece, and at least Turkey, are after the $$$ and not the good of chess. I can't see any chess UPLIFT in the US despite the events in St. Louis. The lethargy in the USA is palpable. I've been playing around with making it more prominent in the Midwest and am willing to listen to suggestions (write in the box below). As stupid as it sounds, maybe we should have events where there is lots of money, drinking, drugs, and smoking! Isn't that what the young college kids in the US do? I am not saying it helps their play, but it sure does get noticed and somehow, we really NEED to get noticed.

Brochures have gone out about the CHESS TNT event and if you aren't afraid of a little competition, I hope you will come. Prizes will be announced soon. I am constantly struck by how "tough" some people talk, but when it comes to "acting" on the tough talk, nothing is done.

I just finished reading a book by Robert Imbriale called Motivational Marketing. Mr. Imbriale has done all right for himself in the real world. Quite wealthy. Yet he admits in his book to having seminar classes in which people ask questions, make notes, buy his stuff, and in the end, DO NOTHING. A friend of mine asked me "why?" and I said the answer was VERY simple: People do not want their lives (what lives?) interrupted by having to do something unless it is SOOOOO easy, everyone could do it (with a guaranteed positive result).... and of course when that happens, it ceases to have value. It's that simple. If I could invent an audio tape which people could listen to, on getting better at chess, while they sleep, and it was for real, I could make a lot of money. But ONE problem would remain... they would have to do something with their knowledge and that might be asking just too much... like actually playing the game.


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