Monday, September 12, 2011


When teaching a chess audience it's always helpful if they can see what you are doing or saying, OR, what someone in the audience is suggesting.

Today I got a big demo board in the mail (finding Big Demo boards that are worth anything is a Big Project in itself.) I am having a friend at a sign company fix it up, make it rigid, and we will put it on an easel, or whatever. It got me to thinking when I talked with Craig about fixing it up. He made a suggestion too which might be patentable! But I would need an engineer or draftsman to complete the works.

At any rate, I tested the magnetic pieces and they were great. So this Thursday, with the discussion of the Philidor position and some other endgame stuff, everyone should be in rapt attention! LOL.

Actually last Thursday worked out pretty well. One attendee, Mark M., noted that we spent 45 minutes on a simple position, trying to decide what the white King should do when the winner move was moving a PAWN!!! Sometimes we make it so hard on ourselves. I took several exercises from the endgame section of ChessBase Magazine--just another reason to get that--and I have several of them at very favorable prices.

This morning I went to a silk screener with a mockup of the shirt (CHESS TNT -- atomic testing Oct. 2011) and the logo for the embroidery of the Gentlemens Chess Club knit shirt. It will have to be "banana colored." However, to compensate for that, I am getting lemon-colored envelopes to make direct mail requests for additional members to the Gentlemens Chess Club.

Back to work tonight on the presentation to get people to come to the CHESS TNT event. I'm not sure what the hold up is. I'm telling you now, the comraderie is worth the cost itself! The event ISN'T sponsored by Wal-Mart, it's not made in China, it's not adding to problems with the Ozone layer, and it is the least expensive event I have run in years.

GCC has 7 members so far, and the subscriptions KEEP coming in for SCORE.

If you want to know HOW you can get a $100 poster donated in your name to be put on the wall of the GCC, contact me for details. I've had some interest, but no one has pulled the trigger yet. The poster would be big, 30x60 inches. Famous chess players.

Hopefully, later this week I will have a NEW 5 foot poster on my front door of the GCC, in yellow and black-- it will be more noticeable as people drive by and say, "Maude, what is that? Looks like a big chess piece on the window."


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