Thursday, September 1, 2011


Andrew Martin and I (Bob Long) have been a team. We generate ideas back and forth and we hope they resonate. Entertainment is one of our CREEDS.
Recently Andrew did a YouTube video for SCORE, the new openings magazine by Thinkers' Press, also a company of mine (actually, the parent company). Here is the URL:

Now he is planning something else for the CHESS TNT (training and tournament) event October 21-22 in Davenport, Iowa at the Gentlemens Chess Club location (1101 W. 4th St.). He is going to give a SUNDAY simul for those who "hang around." In case you aren't aware, Martin went for (and achieved) the Guinness Book of World Records some years ago with 321 participants. Since then, everyone and their uncle has jumped into the ring. He made the SPLASH, they made the puddle. No cross examination for Andrew's feat but since then the "news" has been pretty damning for others who have beaten this record.

When I used to go to chess tournaments in Iowa the MAIN prerequisite the directors had was to funnel everyone out as fast as possible OR at the very least some players were saying: "I have to get home early"--solution: don't come, waaah.

Hence if you are here through Saturday evening you might want to stay over and play in the Simul he is offering. It is FREE but it you want to make a "free will" donation to help cover the cost of his airfare, I am sure he won't object. Some years ago Andrew gave a simul at one of the clinics and he did the job, wading right through the participants--but everyone seemed to have fun. There were even some good games (at least from my vantage point).

And Sunday at the Last Chess Clinic we had a great breakfast at ThunderBay Grille! Absolutely fun and great eating. (Actually, to minimize the hyperbole, it was incredible!!!)

One more reason to come. Sign up right now and pay only $99! It's a bargain. Starts Friday night and goes through Saturday evening. Or, thru Sunday morning IF you want to play in the simul. How often do you get to face a Londoner who also knows something about chess? After Sep. 16th, the price goes to $125.00.

PS: I know quite a few people who said they are COMING, but the advance registrations aren't proving it. I've had to learn the hard way that often, "talk is cheap." Unfortunately it all goes eventually to character. Think of it like this: if I offered YOU something and then didn't come through, then my chances of being scorned are quite high.


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