Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Kudos to Sarah McCall for coming up with the excellent tagline for the GENTLEMENS CHESS CLUB: "The WAR begins beneath the Bowler." More info on a Special HAT tournament and things like that in the future.

For the meantime the walls my tenant left need some work. So I hope to do some "patchy" painting (white primer) to keep them from looking like the freckles of a brown Dalmation.

Other details for THIS Saturday are:
August 13th.

ADDRESS: 1101 W. 4th Street, Davenport, IA 52801

Time: 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Rounds: 4. Swiss pairings. Game in 1 hour with 5 second delay for EACH player.
Rated: Yes, with US Chess Federation membership required for standard play. Bring proof of your latest rating if you have one. If not a member, Memberships will be sold on site.

FEE: $20 this time. Bring cash. Exact amount preferred.
PRIZES: 20% to first, 15% to second, and 15% to Unrated-under 1600.

Room for: 24 players. Boards and sets provided. (Well lit and air conditioned.)  Bring your chess clock and know how to set it. Digital clocks are now for sale at $30 at the GCC.

Address Again: 1101 W. 4th St., Davenport, IA 52801.

Email address: bob@thinkerspressinc.com

Phone (emergency): 563-271-6657.

Director/Manager/Point of Contact: Bob Long

A ONE DAY event for learning, fun, prizes and opportunity. This time it's local but out-of-towners are welcome. Rating limit? Must be unrated or under 2200. That should be everyone in the QC area.

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