Tuesday, August 30, 2011


so far, to write new and interesting material, one in person, the other via email, for the Chess Gazette.
The in person has not sent anything, so I suspect this position (one of 5-6) will be open soon unless I am pleasantly surprised.

Another has joined the Gentlemens Chess Club. That's four, same number of registrations for CHESS TNT. Hope to get all those numbers up.

What it really takes is YOU, not me. I have already spent the money and made my commitment. Am looking for those who do more than just read about chess from their web browser.

As one guy told me recently, "I am not joining because I already play chess once a week." Well, that is his right, and it is true. But on the other hand he has never bought a thing from me nor attended any Festivals, Clinics, my shop, or anything else. He doesn't support the business I founded in 1971 and he is a "typisch" local. He wants to remain a big fish in a little pond. Lots of them out there.

I remember my friend Harold Martin (no relation to the Martin's in my family as far as I know) who was a dealer in magic in the Peoria, IL area. I said to Harold one time, "How can you stand the ones who don't support you, criticize you, and steal ideas from you?" His response was a classic: "I take their s--- and I take their money!" Great if you can get the $$$ part.

If you think you have a flair for writing, drop me a line. What would be the topic? Hopefully something topical, thought out, perhaps elevating. Maybe something you did in the past or something you contemplate for the future. Above ALL, it must be interesting to more than you and your Mom--stories are best.

contact: bob@thinkerspressinc.com

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