Thursday, August 4, 2011

TO BEGIN AT THE GCC (Gentlemen's Chess Club)

Tables set up, chairs are padded, boards and pieces are set up, and there is even a chess clock ready in the digital format.

And there are more tables like this.

I want to get posters up. Would love to have Bogie talking to Peter Lorre from the movie Casablanca (although it would be fun to Photoshop in Capablanca for Lorre's character).

Sarah has suggested Palm Trees, pictures of camels, alligators, etc. (sounds like Florida except for the camel part). In other words, create an atmosphere. Years ago we had discussed setting up a Cuban Night Club in a building we had been looking at. She spent many years in Miami so the "interior decoration" ideas were not far removed.

The building is cool, well lit.

And I am open tomorrow from 10 AM to 1 PM and expect at least one out of towner who will be teaching chess to elementary school students. Maybe you?

More of tomorrow's SCORE is being worked on today... so, I will get back to that. I've been reviewing Nick Pert's Killer Endgames 1-2 and have found the information cataclysmically fantastic! Highly recommended, and I am sold out. So am ordering some more now and they should be here next week.

A calendar is being worked on. Probably our first weekend tournament will be Saturday, August 13th. Game in an hour, 4 rounds. $20 entry fee. Come join us. Questions? Contact:

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  1. Bob,
    The tournaments you are planning sound great! You've already mentioned that they would be rated, so everyone knows they must belong to the USCF, but what about a state association?