Thursday, August 11, 2011


There is a Saturday tournament at my place, The Gentlemens Chess Club, on August 13, the second Saturday of August. There will be another in September, November, and December. The only exception, for October, will be October 21-22 when IM Andrew Martin will be in town and that weekend the first round is on Friday night and the other 3 rounds are on Saturday, Oct. 21 and 22.

This is to create CONSISTENCY. So....... even if you can't remember the date, you can most likely remember THE SECOND SATURDAY OF THE MONTH. If there are exceptions you will be notified in advance, but I am not too big on exceptions as it just creates more stuff to remember.

ADDED ATTRACTIONS: Eventually we will be adding boxed lunches and drinks once we are "in the air." Posters will also be going up so you can easily see the shop from the one way and no where to turn.

Today, I added two more tables and 8 more chairs. I have no idea what the "crowd" will look like this Saturday (spectators are welcome), but there is room for 24 players Tonight I am reading up some more on the Rules and the new Addendum (ye gads, too many rules). And to make sure I know how MY digital clocks work.

I was talking with Camron this morning, the older gent who was helping me move in tables and chairs, and we reminisced that: most people have NO IDEA what it is like to run a business and that is why so many fail when they DO start a business. You have to have that "no fail" mentality, the same one which is in chess only it is called the "no lose" mentality. Long hours (chess, long study hours). Minimal gain (slow grinding rating gains).

If it were really true that us small business owners were raking it in, don't you think there would be a LOT more small business owners? Mostly there are COPYCATS if one does manage to do something successfully. Kids of parents who run a small business (successfully) know what it is like as Dad or Mom is at it MORE than others might think. Family sometimes suffers--I know mine did.

I know from being in Savannah, GA that August is a bad month to hold or do anything except perhaps to chill out. But for years there has been nothing but complaints that there were no tournaments on the weekend in the QC area. or, very few. Well, I am doing something about that--let's see what happens.

In the next week I should be putting out a more detailed Calendar which not only lists shop hours but evening teaching or blitz hours.

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