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I knew this would be a fantastic event--it was. I will post more info and pictures over the next week or two.

Friday night started out with a presentation by GM Yermolinsky on Viktor Moskalenko's book Revolutionize Your Chess.

For several hours Yermo talked about the Touchstones in order: T1, T2,..., T5. Questions were asked, comments made (And exercises were set up for the next morning, covering almost two hours). Alex was very favorably impressed with the book and so were we about what Moskalenko was accomplishing. The book, according to the former US champion, had a few spots that could have been a little better, but on the whole it was a very USEFUL book.

The audience "got it." The games, in general, were spot on to the thesis of the book. As to whether the book was a "System" as stated on the cover, it probably wasn't in the usual sense of the word. But you can take the tenets in the book and, in effect, create yourself a "learning system" which WILL help YOU improve. And isn't that what all of us are trying to do. Everybody was enthused about the book and getting more out of it, including the chess curmudgeon, me (Bob Long).

He showed how, with attendee Ed Reedy's help in finding an appropriate example (Ed had read the whole book!), endgame positions ALSO lent themselves to the "microscope." This was nicely revealing.

The game choices were probably (my estimate), 90-95 percent on the money based on Yermo's comments.

As Alex and I were wrapping up the event he promised some additional notes for my attendees and customers on the book and said he was going to reread it again. He was now VERY familiar with the content, unlike some who put their two cents worth in on the internet (and who really don't understand this book). Yermolinsky DID understand what Moskalenko's purposes were! I wouldn't be surprised if Alex incorporates material from this book in his own teachings.

PS: I would pick this up if I were you. It's a "sleeper." Since New in Chess didn't get much press out of this book, it will probably quietly disappear and then be available on the web for some ridiculous amount of money. Get it now. I have several copies and will be ordering more, but even I can't afford to lay in big supplies just to help those who won't get around to wanting it for several years! (This happens to me ALL the time.)

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