Friday, August 19, 2011


In preparation and with some photos not seen before.

While Purdy participation games are important, so are some of those of his friends and you will see a few accompanied by an interesting story. Purdy and friends were known for their interesting stories.

Occasionally someone would be working on a report of some kind, maybe a tournament, and there would be some comment which had great value to all of us. Sometimes we find a Purdy expression which later saw the light of day in other books. Reuben Fine, the very strong American Grandmaster, had nothing but good words to say about Purdy and Chess Review and Purdy had a very special magazine relationship.

So.... there is some neat stuff coming up.

If you haven't subscribed, it is $69.95 for 4 big issues, averaging 45 pages each, letter-size. I work on a lot of documents, brochures, catalogs, and books but this PROJECT is one of the most fun.


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