Sunday, August 7, 2011


Though my personal opinion about all this "privacy" stuff is that it is a "look at me" for many (lawmakers, bankers, medical, and crybabies)... I do respect the wishes of those who do not want to be photographed or have their name mentioned in my materials. There are valid reasons sometimes such as those working for the diplomatic corps or in the entertainment business (we used to sell to actors/writers in various TV shows in Hollywood).

And the real security businesses too such as NSA and CIA. I've met "tap dancers" over the years in the "intelligence" community and it makes sense to not promote this. My own son was in MI for his six year tour of the Army and he's said very little to me about his time in Korea.

So I can keep a secret, but for the rest of us, it's a lot of paperwork, time wasting, and a boondoggle where people want to feel important instead of "getting busy."

The way some people talk about "their" cancer, problems in their families, etc. in public places, it bothers me that they think they are keeping this stuff from employers and potential employers who really should have a right to know... put yourself in THEIR shoes.

Me? I like being busy, but not gossip busy.


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