Thursday, August 18, 2011


Bless her heart.

She wanted to know how the Saturday tournament went.

I told her 6 people registered. I made excuses for the small turn out: August, just two weeks notification, etc. Sons sometimes make excuses as much as I hate to hear them myself.

She was still enthusiastic: "Did you get new customers?"

Well, no, they were all people I knew, but I am working on a campaign to contact business professionals in the Quad City (QC) area to tell them there is a professional chess club in town now: The Gentlemens Chess Club. New blood, new supporters.

My Mom is almost 88 and she said, that was "cool."

She was afraid I would quit after the lacklustre showing. I said "Mom, I have 14 more events lined up and a newsletter (THE TUXEDO JUNCTION) which I am currently working on." I am not good at giving up.

I sent out a copy of the 4-page newsletter to my Ex and she really liked it! But I need to dress it up, reorganize the sections, before releasing it. Then it will go out.

This morning I discussed, with another well-known chess addict (overseas), the possibility of occasionally joining me in SCORE, my openings publication for club-level players. He seemed as enthused as I was.

In the end it really is and always has been about Relationships: with customers, potential customers (prospects), the love of your life, and.... Mom and Dad. Others already know about my relationship with God (first) and if that bothers them (which has never been relayed to my face), they already know that isn't going to change it. I've survived and lived to fight more days because of my Faith rather than counting on any one earthly individual. It works for me, every day.

Join me as we re-excite chess life locally, nationally, and internationally. If you haven't subscribed to SCORE and you don't KNOW what is holding YOU back, drop me a line, we can discuss it.

BTW, "Hi Mom!" "Hi Sarah."

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