Thursday, August 25, 2011


We all get it (emails) and some handle it better or worse than others.

Myself it is quite manageable.

The big advantage for me (and you ultimately) is cost... no printing, no mailing. This, of course hurts printers and... the US Post Office. But many publications wouldn't otherwise even come into existence.

Yesterday or the day before (time flies by so quickly) I emailed copies to subscribers of The Purdy Chess Chronicles #03. One subscriber told me he hadn't yet gotten his. I just sent him his copy. This is where checking on this BLOG is helpful to many because I usually make another announcement here about such-and-such "going out."

Yesterday I was asked when the Next SCORE is due. September 2, as mentioned in all the issues of SCORE. I realize that sometimes it is just "polite" conversation to bring something like that up. When I was younger those kinds of questions use to annoy me because they take time to answer. If I had a web site I could post all that and it would make some more people happy but I have to ask: would you rather see the publication or a web site "talking" about the publication? Most would rather have the content.

So if you wonder sometimes if your subscription to something was left out of the loop, drop me a line at:

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