Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Originally I promised subscribers to "The Purdy Chess Chronicles" 24 pages per issue, four issues per year, $69.95.

Today issue #3 was released (on time) and it was 50 pages. The first two issues were 42 and 47 letter size pages, respectively. Promised 72, gave 139. BONUS: 67 pages!

And it contains lots of great content. For example:
1. A few revised ads at the back of the book, not included in the page count!
2. Chess Chats by Lajos Steiner on a position from Botvinnik-Flohr in the USSR championship. Includes a full color painting of Steiner.
3. If you think the National Enquirer has unusual news, you should read "Bled Echoes II and III" from the 1931 event where Alekhine was pounding his opponents left and right. Yugoslav GM Borislav Kostich engaged in a bit of "early cheating" (with that in the news these days). And a verbal/word sparring match between Purdy and Tinsley ("the Times") ensued, dragging arbiter Hans Kmoch in for the ride too.
4. Purdy hated easy and short draws and he lets loose on the Flohr-Alekhine draw where it was said that Alekhine "bullied" Flohr into taking a draw in a position where Flohr could win a pawn.
5. Chielamangus is back and he writes about what a telegraph match is like bringing in eye-shades and boomerangs to the light-hearted humor!
6. In Bits and Pieces of 8x8 you get tidbits of "I didn't know that," a famous part of Purdy's publications.
7. Many wrote good things about Purdy and his publications but a very well known admirer was Reuben Fine and we cover that too. And there is mention of a Purdy Games Collection too.
8. In 1936 at Perth the Australian Championship happened. Outsider Lajos Steiner won with a perfect score... but he was ineligible! 4 of Australia's best, including Purdy, tied for the next 4 places. This caused 3 sets of playoff matches. The Koshnitsky-Purdy match was covered in PCC #2, now the Goldstein-Purdy match is covered in this issue, all 6 games, 4 of them annotated by Purdy.
9. It was 1937 and Purdy and thousands of others were stunned by Alekhine's comeback against Euwe... the details are here.
10. Purdy said, or wrote once, that his magazines didn't have unannotated games--which was true. And now and then he had some really fine games ("gems"), you will see three of them here.
11. Purdy was not just a chess raconteur, clubs wrote to him about opening theory questions, and he answered them. For example, "What does Black do in the French against 1.e4 e6 2.c4 ?"
12. For years the reasons why Fine never played in the 1948 World Championship Tournament have been proffered. But someone who was in Moscow has the reasons and Purdy repeated them for us.
12. There are some Steinitz stories also which help set the record straight.
13. Finally, the topic of Problems shows up and the discussion is on "Bohemian" problems as written about by J.K. Heydon. If you are into "problems," there are some Mates to keep you busy and some interesting notes about the subject.

Hours and hours of reading. If you would like a subscription, drop a line to me at: bob@thinkerspressinc.com

As promised here are some details.
5 rounds
At the Clarion/Highlander Convention Center, I-80, NE side of Exit 246, 2525 N. Dodge St.... Iowa City IA.
First round starts at 10 a.m. Registration is between 8:30-9:30. Entry Fee is $55 on site. Two days. I hail them for the starting time of the Sunday round beginning at 10 a.m., which I tried to get happen for years.
I will be there on Saturday to sell chess stuff.

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