Friday, August 12, 2011


GOOD NEWS: In issue #4 of SCORE a bunch of new titles from Everyman Chess and Gmginger (Simon WIlliams' DVD chess company) were featured and reviewed. Great pieces.

BAD NEWS: For the first time in forever, I sold out of all of them: Queen's Gambit Declined, the new Old Indian (a fabulous book), Cyrus Lakdawala's the SLAV move by move, and Nick Pert's 2 volume DVD on The Endgame!

GOOD NEWS: All have been reordered! The first to come in most likely will be the DVDs as I saw this coming several days ago. The books should be here next week.

What's Going On?
There are a number of factors at work. One is seeing the books and DVDs in person such as at my new shop in downtown Davenport, and the other was being at Red Wing. MN. There's nothing like seeing something in person to counter or to affirm what some writer/reviewer has had to say.

I know that NPR aired comments from people in Borders during their demise that some would admit to looking at the books in Borders and then order them from someone else when they left the store. This IS management's fault just like the current fiscal and political crises are. It really pays to KNOW your customer and to offer alternatives. I remember suggesting an idea to an art shop owner here in Davenport. It would have worked but he wanted to do things HIS way (I suspect he is independently wealthy because this was too good to ignore).

In the near future The Gentlemens Chess Club will feature reasons for coming back as a repeat customer since it is always good to take one's own advice and not merely dispense it to others!

It's amazing how the location is shaping up. Room for 24. Pieces and boards provided. Books and equipment around the perimeter. Cool air conditioning. PADDED chairs! And good lighting. There will be more but I will hold off mentioning them until they have happened. People need reasons to visit, I hope I can provide them though I will not play chess with potential customers. There is NO upside to that. If I win, their chance of ever coming back is about 5%. If I lose, even if it is one game out of ten, their faith in me as an expert at anything chess, goes down the tubes.

Visit, inquire, we can begin a chess relationship which would include learning and fun as well as playing. Membership details will unfold soon.


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