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This will be the new name of "The Chess Center." In this way I would hope to attract professionals who seldom have the time for much but in the past we have hosted: psychiatrists, lawyers, newspaper people, engineers, real estate moguls, teachers, salesmen, etc. And, women would be welcomed too.

There will be events too unlike anything you have seen before BUT still all chess. More details in future Blogs. I just wanted to establish this here as a first. For example, "Old Hat Day." People come to a Saturday event wearing something old on their head:
a. Old time baseball cap
b. Sherlock Holmes' type Deerstalker
c. Clerk's eyeshade (maybe accompanied with suspenders)
d. Porkpie hat
e. Bowler
f. Detective slouch hat

My ex Sarah came up with some great ideas which will be brought forth. Amazing ones actually including the name.

In the mean time, I have bought 6 ft long tables and PADDED chairs (nice ones) with room for 16 players but expandable to 24, maybe more.

Some seasonal decorations too such as Palm Trees, posters....

All this if my building hasn't sold. If it does sell, I will move to another location, rent it, and spruce the place up.

In the meantime, if you are from out of town, I would welcome you.

Rules? Only three:
a. Must be a USCF member
b. Must know the rules and moves of chess play
c. Behave yourself (no pets, no alcohol, no smoking, no drugs, no computers, no phones, no yelling, etc.) Many restaurants put up with bad patron behavior... I never have, and won't. My method brings IN more customers than it loses, and everyone is comfortable. The local sheriff is only a few blocks away...LOL.

Tomorrow I should have some photos showing the current interior (before it gets dressed even more) with tables and chairs set up, board and pieces on the tables and digital clocks.

I'm serious about this enterprise. In Purdy's day, in Sydney, Australia the department store Horden's (Hordern's?) had space for a club and there were 300 members. I would love to have 50-100 (and don't tell me about the difference in populations* as if I don't know that) paid with No Room for R&R (Riff and Raff). The whole IDEA is Fun and Camaraderie and perhaps I can figure out how to make a living from it.

*In its heyday, the twenties, the Quad-Cities, where I am from, had one of the largest chess clubs in the United States! I've seen pictures of their splendid outings! And they had some very strong players of master level too. I think it was called the Tri-City Chess and Checkers Club. (There used to be national checkers championships held here too!) They existed up through the 50s. I don't know why they disbanded and eventualy formed the Illowa Chess Club, of which I was a member in 1963 (!!) and still play there from time to time. But what I envision is a WHOLE new Chess Club.

Anything is possible IF you think that way. The economy? Did you know more millionaires are created during recessions than at any other time? Everyone is holding on to their money for all the wrong reasons. The other day I was told Borders went out of business because of the Kindle (one reason) and eBooks. Maybe, but during their HUGE Going out of Business sale, there were thousands of people there over a several day period and they WEREN'T buying eBooks!!! And the discounts in many cases were only 10-20% with a few sections which were higher (Business for example, was 30%, Blue Ray was 40%). If Borders would have figured out a way to get people in there who would buy at 20% off instead of limiting it to ONE item, they might still be around.

I had to deal with Borders in the 90s and business was good. After 911 they kept changing CEOs bringing in people who knew nothing about books but no doubt who had an MBA! They were more interested in "diversity" (I call it perversity) and I know because I applied for a position as manager and had to read all their guff. Nothing at all about doing a GREAT job in SELLING books! A business has ONE main reason for being in business and that is to MAKE A PROFIT. Period. Some have misinterpreted that as to MAKE A MOUNTAIN OF MONEY, others couldn't sell at a lemonade stand.

The streets of business are littered with the corpses or the ill-educated doofus who went to college.

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