Monday, August 15, 2011


Will be working on this today (yesterday I published some results from Saturday).

1. Calendar for MONTHLY Saturday events.

2. Membership information.

3. Store Open hours M-F including evenings.

4. What will happen in evening hours (teaching, quick play, special event nites, etc.)

Of course everything is subject to change as the tide rises and falls (# of people showing up). The quality (value) of a chess club depends more on who actually decides to come, rather than the manager--at least in the beginning.

I look forward to: welcoming early comers and showing them the "coolness" of this game.

Incidentally, the braggarts didn't show Saturday! Didn't I say somewhere that they wouldn't? Bragging is talk, playing is REAL. Some would get a charge out of beating dead people (Kind of reminds me of the movie "Sixth Sense.")

Have been putting those who are interested on the Membership Mailing List (emails first, post office mail second, if any). You don't HAVE to be local to join. Many people belong to the Mechanics Institute in San Francisco who don't live in California.

As always, contact:

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