Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Though I couldn't get the power on today (Wednesday) for the store opening (will anyone besides Mark C. be here?), it will be on tomorrow--thanks to an anonymous benefactor (my daughter! The evicted tenant had run up quite a bill... thank you Chris and Ed).

Stuff will be laid out on tables and signs taped to the wall.

Some orders to fill and I better get to the shop. See if I can find some table cloths first. No bookshelves and maybe there never will be, just wide open space and eventually tables set up for tournaments/events.

Nothing new for me... have moved a number of times (but have gotten considerably older). Hopefully, new to you.

The address?


A brief post today.

Picked up about 5 new SCORE subscribers yesterday... thanks gentlemen. Hope you were one of them. If not, it's just $20. One guy, in jest (he says), asked if I was punishing former subscribers with the low price. Then he admitted the LOW cost was probably designed to attract new fans (that's true). BUT, I will do other favors for those who subscribed to Semester 10 besides giving them an Index. I just need to catch my breath. Another subscriber said it was SUCH a deal, what would be the concern? (Told him, "I have no idea.")

As usual:

PS: As you can tell, I have had NO time to work on the web site. As many have found out, it doesn't matter except to the really lazy (who aren't lazy when it comes to price comparisons!!) Doing it this way, it is a lot easier to build a stable and longer-lasting relationship as we get to know each other.

It just occurred to me a few days ago that 1% of my email list people are coming to Red Wing. The percentages won't change but the number of the people needed on the email list to make something like this viable for the future would have to grow 3 times as much. So if you know anyone who finds the way I conduct business, compatible with yourself, send them on and tell me you send them. There will be a gift in it for you!

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