Monday, July 11, 2011


Comes out this Friday. Subscriptions are $20 for 16 issues including 2 back issues.

Subjects this time: BENKO GAMBIT by IM Andrew Martin and information about the LATEST trends. You HAVE to read this and go through the games.

The secondary topic is the SNAKE BENONI which I first saw mentioned about 20 years ago in some German chess works. Andrew Martin also fills us in on what's going on there.

And If I can squeeze them in, there are some contributions by several SCORE subscribers + the Mail Column. Add a review of Bologan's THE CATALAN and there should be plenty for all opening fans. Comes to $1.25 for each issue!

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Bob Long
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By the way, TPi (Thinkers' Press, inc.) is the publisher of the various C.J.S. Purdy books you have seen over the years. Want more info? Drop me a line at my physical address or through email. Thanks.

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