Tuesday, July 12, 2011


My Building at 1101 W. 4th St. in Davenport, IA 52801 will not be available for retail business until next week (July 20, 22) and after that. The judge allowed my non-paying tenant until Noon July 18th to vacate, even though I told the tenant almost 3 weeks ago this was going to happen (they delay and delay the inevitable).

As I am being stuck with a large unpaid utility bill, you can bet there will be many good deals on recent and older merchandise next Wednesday including new club sets and boards and DVDs.

Once power is restored and tables and chairs are brought in, there will also be some Saturday tournaments every month as well as Instruction for those who want to get better. I can't think of a BETTER way of improvement then observing and commenting on well annotated AND interesting games! Ask to be put on my store mailing list.

Hours of business will usually be:
Monday and Wednesday (1 p.m. through 3 p.m.)
Friday (10 a.m. through 1 p.m.)
The rest of the hours will be used for publication work and packing and shipping.
Because of rated tournaments I will be open some Saturday. A schedule will be published.

In the meantime I will be in Red Wing, MN July 29-30 so the shop will not be open that Friday or Saturday.

Years of experience have shown me that "by appointment: is meaningless to many chess players who will make an appointment and then not show up resulting in my just wasting my time. So for the time being I will have "appointments only" for those who OWN my preferred card, The GOLD CARD... another reason to buy one.

Do Iowans Realize How Lucky They Are?
There are virtually NO REAL retail chess shops anywhere except in NYC.
Iowans and Illinoisans (and those from surrounding states) have a MAJOR opportunity here.

We will carry the following lines:
Chess Stars
Everyman Chess,
Quality Chess, and
Thinkers' Press, inc. -- Books and DVDs.



Bob Long

contact: bob@thinkerspressinc.com

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