Sunday, July 10, 2011


I still get questions about the Red Wing, MN Chess Soiree so apparently some are NOT receiving my PDFs or if they are, they aren't opening them! (This happens more than you might imagine I've discovered.) I could write a book about a subject like this.

Anyway, it is STILL on (why wouldn't it be?). It's still $189 and not going to get less expensive. It will still be at the Country Inn & Suites July 29-30. The phone number to register to stay overnight is: 651-388-9000 and be sure to tell them it is for the Chess Group.

Apple chess app. guy Andres Hortillosa said he was coming and filling us in on what is going on with his Smart Chess and the changes that have gone on.

This week, early I think, I will be mailing the preliminary package to all those who have already paid. It will include a book and some other things. AND, I do want to thank those who are coming and I WISH those who aren't coming would stopping asking me how many have Paid! Is that some kind of Sadism?

Years ago I got a really nasty, messed up mental case letter from a guy in the SW part of the country who was hoping for my event to be a MAJOR failure! If I decide to run it (which I did), and people pay to come, it is NOT a failure for them or me. I get more stories to tell.

Bizarrely, some are holding out for the "October 21-22" event. Just recently I listed this with no extra details. I will need 50 people for that one and if it is held it will be a Chess TNT event, a Teach 'N Train tournament. Details will be coming soon. I am hoping to have it at my chess shop at 1101 W. 4th St., in Davenport, IA because I own the building and that will save $300-400 in rental space but then I will have to spend at least that much for tournament tables and chairs! If Life is fair, it's been hiding that from me! Haha.

Details on that concerning what we will be doing, the cost, etc. will be announced in a couple weeks, or maybe at the Red Wing event as those attendees will get preferred pricing (I had always planned that as a REWARD). Finally, there will be a tournament, but there will also be teaching before each round, and there will also be evaluations. There will be prizes in the form of books and DVDs and it will probably be broken up into Above 1600 rating and below 1600 rating. Andrew Martin has already agreed to come. As I said, more details in time. We also expect to have some UNBREAKABLE OPENINGS DVDs too.


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