Monday, July 25, 2011


Do you remember the Zenith tagline similar to that?

Today I got a new newsletter from Quality Chess which, once again, leaves unclear what NEW titles are now ACTUALLY available from their distributors and WHEN.

Every time Quality purports to release new titles I get a "flood" (I wish it were so) of queries asking if I have them--probably because No One Else Has It Either! I'm sure Amazon advertises them too even though they don't have them.

There is a reason for this! These books originate from Scotland, not Iowa or New York. Most likely they are printed in China, Poland or someplace OTHER than the US. Therefore, there are shipping delays, usually two months. Sometimes the book is "finished" but it isn't printed. They must send out some kind of galley proofs to certain reviewers because the book may not show for another month after the two months I just mentioned.

The latest HOT title is Karolyi's books on Karpov. I have no problem selling that, IF I had it. As of a couple weeks ago, my distributor for the US did not have it and gave NO time for getting it.

Karolyi has NEVER sold well for me, no matter how much hype he got. Maybe THIS title was also worked on WITH Karpov somehow. Then that would make it special--even more so!

In the meantime, I have lots of Quality Chess books in my offices just waiting for new owners. Once or twice a year I make a special sale of QC books and offers to my customers. The last time involved the "character" of Malcolm McDowell's from Clockwork Orange. One person guessed it right (Bob Lynch), almost no one else cared.

The books, in general, are good, no doubt about that. The problem, from what I understand is that buyers do not want to PAY what the publishers think they are worth. Has it stopped them? No.... still publishing. They are making enough to stay afloat, so it seems.


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