Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The new title from Thinkers' Press, inc., Pillsbury The Fencer just arrived! I still get a kick out of having worked on this one. Those entitled (a different kind of entitlement) to a FREE copy should see it arrive next week and with a copy of Alekhine The Executioner if you have that one coming too. There are 41 annotated games in this one plus an assortment of drawings and caricatures including the now standard "Kilroy was here" look.


GM Alex Yermolinsky will be giving a Clock Simul Saturday afternoon in Red Wing, MN at the Country Inn. The simul fee is $30 more than the $189 registration fee. Here's how it will work. Assuming we have 7 players, each will have 1.5 hours on their clock and Yermo will have 1 hour on his! And it is his job to keep track of all of you, so he will have his hands full, but GMs like to do that. Fischer gave a couple clock simuls and so has Kasparov (and I'm sure other top-notchers). He's looking forward to it.

I fully expect the Friday night session, a discussion of Viktor Moskalenko's book, Revolutionize Your Chess, to be groundbreaking! Yermo has now read it and said it positively can help different classes of players. Ed Reedy, who I am riding with from this area, has gone through most of it. Steve Lamansky likes what he has seen so far (55 pages last I heard). The book hasn't gotten much press and I strongly suspect the one complainer I saw in the New in Chess Yearbook hadn't read it or much of it! In fact, in yesterday's column, Seth Godin says "You're a Celebrity Now" (meaning his readers). And that means, he goes on to say, "Some people won't like you!" The "reporter" (himself) says, "You mean you didn't like her movie?" The responder retorts, "No I haven't seen her movies, I just don't like her!" This has happened to me too, from people who have never met me or who don't know me at all.

We are now in a society where people are busy, busy, busy doing nothing but texting, tweeting etc. They have to have something to "say" (I do neither of these.) even if it is meaningless. And if that doesn't work, then there is always room for Jealousy and Envy.

Fortunately, I have a great feeling about this weekend in Red Wing, and I have provided a Special Bonus Workshop on Saturday evening titled, "Heroes." Most of them, unfortunately, became "tainted," but getting work done has its own rewards. I will let you in on some Yermo Secrets too about "work" and "getting things done" but mostly it will be mine. Alex thinks these types of subject have now become MINE...haha. Well, they are usually chess connected and relevant.

Since 2010 I have been on the "trail" for secrets and most of them are in plain sight but it is stunning how most of us miss them. But they are remarkable secrets because they don't demand verification if you KNOW others who share them but just aren't broadcasting them. So be there Saturday night if you are registered.

Now to get those Pillsbury's out:

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