Thursday, July 14, 2011


An updated version went out yesterday. What were the updates?
1) Opening letter extolling the virtues of Khenkin's new book on Checkmates was eliminated not because it wasn't well written by Julian Wan, but because I have none in stock at the moment (which had been mentioned on the Order Form page)
2) The Order Form page has been revised delaying some items which won't be here for a week or more. (I needed more space to add some new items.)
3) Filled in prices for items that had since arrived.
4) Made a couple of minor revisions in the "Notes" column.

Worth looking at again.

This chess openings' publication comes out every three weeks (as noted in my advertising and the first two issues) and in a few places, every four weeks to accommodate the 16 issues per year at only $20 per subscription. Must be the modern chess "steal" of all time.

This information HAS been published, several times. The next issue of SCORE, #3, is due out tomorrow, July 15th. That is mentioned in Issue #2.

It is chock full on the Benko Gambit, the wily Snake Benoni, and two games and some references to King's Gambits with extensive notes by Tony Jasaitis. Tony, get us some more Chicagoland readers okay? Thanks. Reader contributions are welcome, just make sure your moves and words are proofread because I have no way of knowing what you mean in some cases.

And, remember, the Shop will not be open tomorrow, and instead will move to next Wednesday. 1101 W. 4th St., Davenport, IA 52803. Thanks. If that somehow doesn't eventually work out, we will move the customers to my offices.

In the meantime, contact:

I'll tell you tomorrow if I think of it, and also tell you why I have always done business this way since 1978. There are real reasons.

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