Friday, July 8, 2011


after 3-4 days of wrestling with 3 pages that turned into 10!
But it is pretty up-to-date bookwise and DVD-wise except that I forgot to add in Bologan's THE CATALAN on DVD, which I am very much looking forward to viewing. Club players don't seem to handle these openings very well.

Still working on opening the shop, THE CHESS CENTER, next Friday. Already received congrats and good wishes from chess historian John Hilbert who is now conducting a chess history column for the British Chess Magazine. Naturally he saw the CD for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. These historians miss very little. ($28.50 postpaid in USA--2519 games and fragments.)

Tony Gillam (Chessplayer) and I are in contact once again as he gave me the go ahead to use some material from his Abbazia 1912 for my own book. Tony and I go a long ways back! It still IS about relationships. Andy Ansel let me borrow his copy because I sold mine many moons ago. Another great fellow and he came to our Last Chess Clinic.

I've got plenty to do over the next few days and I won't get it done jabbering here. I hope you will take the PDF I sent out to my readers (if you are not on my email list, please let me know) today, print it out, and then let me hear from you.

Am working on SCORE at the moment for next Friday.

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