Monday, July 4, 2011


While the Pillsbury book, #4, "The Fencer" is at the printers' and due here in a week or so, the next one in the series, "Capablanca the Mouthpiece" is finished. However the art is awaiting and then the book will be sent to the printer, with 52 truly amazing and annotated games. I try to annotate in the "helpful" mode by explaining WHY the players do what they do (although the play by some of the losing contestants sometimes seems inexplicable). Or sometimes finding something we all will understand a little bit better. Sometimes the "tactics in the notes" are worth the price of the paid for book!

I knew he was good, and devastating in a very charming and likable way, like many lawyers think they are (oxymoron). It's not the way I would like to spend the July 4th weekend, but one does what one can, depending on the circumstances.

The Introduction details several characteristics about him which I think Club Players should seriously take to heart:
1) If you want to know how to play the Double KP games study Capablanca. He played them in a way which "looks easy" but in reality, he ALWAYS seemed to know WHEN to do the "hard work." That's why he won.
2) If you want to play the Colle, Torre, etc. QP type systems, Capablanca had them down to a science but he played with more vigor than you probably do. He was content with letting the game go for many moves, even 30, before he "allowed" his opponent to make a mistake by having an "idea." In the game with Alatortsev (white) you got the feeling that Al was playing for a draw, but Capablanca could see the win!

Capa didn't always play the move evaluated at "4.3" but sometimes relied on his skill in a "0.68" situation--one of those "inevitable" scenarios where he KNEW he could win whether you believed it could be done or not. He entered situations which theoretically "should" be drawn" but won them when his opponent didn't know what Capa knew.

As I have mentioned before, the games in this series do not include draws, just wins as White and wins as Black. I expect this booklet to be quite popular, like the Lasker one, and so am printing some extras. For those who make it to the Red Wing event at the end of this month, they will get this book FREE. (I have yet to get all the Alekhine FREE copies out, I hope to do that this week.)

Once again, a reminder if you want to know HOW to get this issue for FREE, all you need to do is spend at least $100 (shipping and insurance not included) in the months of July-August. Otherwise the cost is $12.95 + $3.50 for S&H (in the USA).

Wishing you all a Happy 4th. Fireworks in Davenport last night were very nice. Fun being there with family too.


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