Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Working on filling the "Sale of the Century" orders for my Best Customers.

Tomorrow, a trip out of town to visit the Dentist. I need another Sale of the Century to pay for that as well as another "hole" in my head.

I will be issuing a set of catalog sheets soon to my occasional buyers, but first the catalog goes out to the Gold Carders and frequent buyers or more than "occasional buyers" although I think I let a couple of those slip through the net...aaaargh.

Back to another book project. Am also thinking about things to go into the third issue of Purdy's Chess Chronicles. AND, by the way, I am closing in on finishing up Chess EXTRAS.

Tomorrow the chess shop will be OPEN "if" I get back from the Dentist on time. Another Reason to read this Blog.

As always, contact: Bob Long for speaking engagements, book editing, and the usual etc. (I've done a lot of "etc.") by going to: bob@thinkerspressinc.com

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