Thursday, July 21, 2011


Not without some problems however in the beginning. It seems the tenant was playing with another breaker box trying to get power back on to keep the A/C going while he was still in my building! It didn't work, but he didn't set the breakers back to the original position so when the utility guy threw the main switch (which had been padlocked) there still were no lights, no camera, and no action!

Needless to say, some consternation was afloat. I started reading the manual, which, only served to increase the "fear" of paying someone $200 to come out and do something you could do for yourself if you knew what.

One breaker was off and when it was flipped the other way the lights went on. Woo hoo.

Eventually I found there was a big A/C breaker and I flipped it the other way also, and voila! A/C went on. Set it at 78 because I won't be there until tomorrow and welcoming Ankeny, IA buddy and Red Wing attendee, Steve Lamansky! After 1 pm we go to lunch on Steve! Thank you Steve.

By the way, for customer satisfaction, I will have free pop or bottled water while you browse. Yesterday I put some Mountain Dew in the cooler to make that available. It's now getting very cold.

And SPEAKING of yesterday? How'd it go?

96 degrees and sweat like crazy. I had 5 people come in and it was 80% business! Yessir.

I also have a huge stack of Chess Informants low-priced at $10 each except for the first 4, which are $25 each (3 times that on eBay). All are in good to super condition. More info, if they aren't sold out, in time.

Just had to leave to let the gas man in! Where is the coordination with this company? That's taken care of.

Will put pictures up of the guys who were here yesterday. Thanks George, Roger, Rick, Isaac, and Mark. Let's see how this goes. I've got a lot of the place cleaned up. Then will be vacuuming and painting. But first, the end of the month, Red Wing.

The brave folks who came will long remember the coolness after the heat/sweat is gone because WOW, such an improvement.

Thanks for checking in.


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