Monday, June 27, 2011


Today, while going to the bank, a thought had occurred to me. Oh, I had been familiar with the thought before, from others, but now it sunk in! Good thoughts sometimes take time, sort of like a marinade.

In my opinion, this BONUS session is worth the price of the WHOLE event and probably 5 times more.

I hesitate to give it a name because 90% of the readers will look at it and say, "Oh, I know what that means, and it isn't that important to me." I've got news for you, that's what separates Genius from Everyday. Genius sees things and KNOWS how to use them to great advantage. The problem with ascribing the name "genius" to someone is basically twofold:

1) "She or he may be a genius, but I'm not. This holds no value for me." Well, that's pretty dumb, because "genius" often comes up with good ideas and their implementation which HELPS others too. If not, what value does it have? None. Genius then exits.

2) When the word "genius" is used it's easy to run into egos who believe they are a genius because of something they once did (the past is great for storytelling, but to make significant progress, what is happening now is the MOST important). In other words, "What have you done lately?" But even worse are the "legends in their own mind" types. These are IDEA people. I am NOT an "idea person," I am an "idea and implementing person." Without the implementation, NOTHING happens, so.... no one benefits (even theft of the idea is at least an ACTION!)

I wrote to a friend and customer and here is what I wrote today:
"I am going to give a Bonus session at the Red Wing event, in the evening, on HOW to get things done, including publishing. It just HAS to be a real SECRET because what I see everyone (almost without exception) doing is NONE of those things. Doesn't matter whether it is chess, writing, etc. Most people are, or so it seems, incapable of harnessing the power of their lives BECAUSE they have seldom or NEVER been in a real ******* situation, and so they fritter away all kinds of great possibilities."

Price is still $189.00. I'm no fool, I know this Bonus Session might attract a few, but way too many believe in "later." Here I am, at 65, and "it's later." I can save you 20 years, what's that worth to you?

PS: This just came in AFTER I posted the note about the BONUS session:
bob thank you for adding the bonus seminar in Red Wing. I will participate in all extras just let me know what I owe you on top of the $189 registration fee

There is NO extra fee for the Bonus Session but it would easily be worth a grand to hear what I am going to say. It will solve many of your problems relating to ALL you have to do. I know, because, I've done it.

As I wrote in "The Critical Secret for Success in Chess and Everything Else," it is MY belief that no one can have more than 2 passions in their life and perhaps at most 1.5. But for some, just having ONE would be a biggie. Reason, the energy and time needed are very big, but, it can be handled. The ONLY extra fee I can think of is $30 for the Yermolinsky simul.

We have room for 14 more.

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