Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Encouraging to see 9 have already signed up for the new BLOG and none of them include me trying to figure out how to do so!

Content is always KING and I try to provide even while wielding an axe to go after some miscreant who is screwing up the world. Hey, there's so many I wouldn't know where to start, so, I won't.

For the French Defense enthusiasts the new book by Simon Williams is on its way to us. So is a book by Boris Gulko on the thinking and lessons to be learned from Grandmasters. And in addition GM Gawain Jones has written a book on kicking the butt of the Sicilian Defense (where have we heard this before?). The man who should get the MOST respect, but seldom does is Colin Crouch (he is one of my favorite British chess authors because he REALLY does GET it!): his is Analyse Your Chess, a really torpid title. I would have been in favor of WTF is Wrong With Your Chess? but then that is me. In general the authors do not choose their title as I had to correct GM Serper at a chess camp lecture years ago. We ended having supper together. We don't hear much from Mr. Serper these days, is he teaching chess somewhere?

A new, mid year, mini-catalog went out yesterday with a "discounts deadline" of June 25th, the day after Issue #2 of SCORE. It felt surreally funny the other day when I discovered my business checking account seemed to have a "hole" in it. So now it is time to move some wood (paper pulp). Veteran TPi and G&L CHESS supporter Steve L. came through immediately as he sought some "good stuff" for his son, including some "Power Play" DVDs. Thank you Steve and a tip of my NCIS hat to you!

Also, if you are wondering how subscriptions are doing for SCORE, they are doing well with more coming in the next few days. It has to be the $20 price tag for newbies to my publications but on the other hand, there have been quite a number of compliments from those who said they really, really, like it.  Actually, it is quite similar in style and makeup as The Chess Reports which preceded it, but one thing that helped was the "red" hi-liting that was done to point out important points to those rated 1200-1600. I had done that in TCR, before, but I think the authors of the first issue have stuck to the "party line" about really helping you guys. If you would like to subscribe, it is $20. PayPal or other methods to pay are fine. To enter you into the accounting system I do need your full name and address (with zipcode). There will be other benefits later for doing this easy little function. Ten days ago I had 22 paid subscribers. Now I have 51-52.

I have heard from GM Igor Stohl and will be getting back with him about his topics too. So hang in there for this Openings' guru. Lest anyone wonder about IM Andrew Martin's creds they don't need to worry. He has done it all and has a virtual photographic memory (lucky dog) to boot.

There's probably more but this is all that readily comes to mind.

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PS: In the first issue of SCORE I mentioned an "occasional" publication called BLACK HOLE OPENINGS I think it was. This "magazine" will go FREE to qualified people:
a) Subscribers to SCORE, any level;
b) Purchase at least $250 worth of books and/or DVDs from now until end of the year.

What is it? Idiosyncratic things I have discovered in openings as I review books but for which I do not have the space to report in my regular publications. For example, "What is the best 'winning' line to play in the Scotch?" Yes, there are calculated risks which will pay off the majority of the time! Stuff like that. And something new perhaps on the Alekhine-Chatard Attack in the French. You never know, and contributions are welcome. Yes, FREE except for those two qualifications. Different from and hopefully better than the Forum which appears in the New in Chess Yearbooks.

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