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Launched a few weeks ago with about 22 paid subscribers, there are now 51 paid. I'm not fooling myself, the $20 price tag for 16 issues, written by very strong players such as Andrew Martin, Igor Stohl (coming), and FM and "Sniper" Charlie Storey and edited by Martin and Long (sounds like a comedy team) had something to do with it. The price is a hooker. So I hope you will consider it too.

It starts out with at least 4 pages of MAIN line stuff, general overview, what's been happening... and then a MINOR such as particular variations. GM Igor Stohl has hinted that he will be doing the Fianchetto Gruenfeld which Gelfand used to defeat Grischuk in the recent Candidates.

I mentioned by the way that there would be a Black Hole Openings publication. The FIRST to seize on wanting to see a copy of it (when it is produced) was IM Andrew Martin. He is always on the lookout for interest things to comment on. Maybe you are too. Chess books and DVDs have become a commodity. Every lazy-ass on the planet is trying to sell them. If they can't they give them away. New in Chess doesn't do that but US resellers do. So I believe in "value added," but there is a price. I have to work harder to get the extra business and it has to be something good.

What occurred to me is something that crossed my mind before--getting into the "guts" of a book. Often there are little gems hidden in there. Perhaps even the authors aren't quite aware because some writers are "so objective" they can't see or recommend something that will win 9 out of 10 games for you BECAUSE they know a "drawing line" which will reduce your wins to 5 out of ten. This is BAD chess. Most of us want to win. Perfection is unobtainable--though it may be something we strive for.

Hence, as I rifle through some books something will catch my eye, usually by accident. The only things you need to do to get BHO are two:
a) Subscribe to SCORE;
b) Purchase at least $250 worth of chess goods between now and Dec 2011.

This isn't hard for many to do, but I am trying to get those who can buy a Starbuck's latte several times a week for a month and think nothing of it. I get hot chocolate from Borders and their Seattle's BEST, so I understand this, but if I am SAVING that's a whole different matter. It can be done and you will benefit in many other ways such as knowing more about YOUR purchases. I remember once taking a job teaching algebra at a local community college to save up enough money to buy a much more powerful Mac. Takes self-discipline to really get what you want. Buying expensive coffee takes almost no self-discipline at all because it becomes a craving.

For example, WHY is the SCOTCH game played the way it is? I've always wondered that and more of my thoughts, games, and analyses will show in issue #1. The magazine will be irregular, but usually I can group all the info in a few days and make it happen. Amazon won't do that, neither will ChessCafe, Wholesale Chess, or USCF. It's called "value added."

Chesstoast is the name of this blog. Not cheese toast!

Apparently googling has produced cheese toast. That's kind of dumb on Google's part since "chesstoast" should appear FIRST rather than somewhere else along with their question, "Do you mean cheese toast?" NO, I don't mean cheese toast. I do not know, however, how often Google updates anything.

However, the PDF I sent out yesterday about the Blogger site (chesstoast) didn't totally have the desired result. Several wrote and told me that was defective for some reason or the other. What this meant to me is that the attached PDF was ignored and not opened and people were guessing at what I meant!

It may also explain why the PDFs aren't opened by some and read. There is software that determines IF an email is opened... I don't own it. What I did yesterday was design a ONE page PDF which could be seen ON the screen--but apparently, ONLY on Macs, not PCs. Many people own PCs and have become gun shy about opening anything. I hope they open their mail as I am about to do a limited mail offering soon--if I have an address.

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