Thursday, June 30, 2011


Vasik Rajlich has been accused of ripping off source code from other chess engines by a panel of many programmers which have concluded a study and they even name Crafty and Fruit as the victims. The banning entity was the Chess Computer group for world chess championship events. They also want trophies back and prize money.

This has not been reported by ChessBase today whose face must be really red as they have sold a lot of copies of Rybka (unless the program under fire is the Russian version!?)

Friend at the Last Chess Clinic, Andres Hortillosa, mentioned it to me today. It's now all over the web.

Rajlich denies it but the evidence looks pretty damning. He replied in one of those very vague ways like a politician who won't come right and admit doing wrong, but using such garbage lines as "In my view I don't believe I did anything wrong." That line, when someone is caught drunk driving because they ONLY had one beer, can still send them to jail if someone has been hurt. It is called "mental reservation" and if you went to at least a parochial school, you knew what that meant. ("One beer MORE than I should have had" is what they mean.)

Andres says there is a good chance he will be at the Red Wing event on Saturday to explain the latest advances in SmartChess (and there have been some).

Four new reasons for coming and up to $350 (almost) in bonuses to be paid out! All the details will be sent out in a streamlined PDF with MUCH new content.

Around July 15th part of my chess business will be relocated to 1101 W. 4th Street in Davenport, IA where some rare chess sets, books, magazines and such will be on display for sale. I figure those who are traveling through the Midwest might be interested in stopping by to see what is what. In the past I have been severely disappointed at those who made appointments with me because---50% of them NEVER showed, leaving me at some location wasting my time; I will have some hours posted here real soon. Probably Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Some morning, some afternoon. Stay tuned. LOTS OF GOOD STUFF including NEW things.

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