Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NEW STUFF -- Everyman, Quality, ChessBase

A spate of new things are here that I know many will be interested in. They will be commented on in SCORE, the new openings' publication. For the time being I will offer the title, retail price, and maybe a comment or two. ALL are in stock.

Attacking Chess The French (A Dynamic Repertoire for Black) by GM Simon Williams. $27.95, 320 pages, new ideas are claimed and with Williams writing it, that's not hard to believe. He's strong and somewhat unorthodox BUT he does know chess. A book many have waited for.

Analyse your chess by IM Colin Crouch. Retail $26.95, 235 pages. I don't think I would be far off in calling Crouch "Purdy for modern times;" he's that good.

Lessons with a Grandmaster by GM Boris Gulko & Dr. Joel Sneed. $27.95. 298 pages. A beautiful and valuable book of the Q&A type during a game(s) where Sneed asks questions and Gulko (who had beaten Kasparov 3 times in non-matches!) answers them. Larger diagrams (for a change) and the GM's explanations are so useful (and on point) you have to wonder why this hasn't really been done like this before.

how to beat the Sicilian defence by GM Gawain Jones (an anti-Sicilian repertoire for White). $29.95. The anti-Sicilian repertoires are getting larger and larger (which says something for playing the Sicilian!) and this one is 348 (and larger) pages.

Chess Lessons by Vladimir Popov. $25.95, 256 pages. One of the best coaching books I have ever seen! This guy knows where we screw up and explains what should have been differently.

The Cutting Edge Sicilian Najdorf 6.Be3 by GM Milos Pavlovic. $29.95, 216 pages. Huge coverage of: Topalov's system, the Perenyi Attack, the Scheveningen, Vallejo Pons' line, and Main Lines. Terse explanations but a lot of coverage.

Grandmaster Repertoire The Caro-Kann by GM Lars Schandorff. $29.95, 251 pages. "We play the Caro-Kann because we believe we can outplay our opponents." That's Schandorff's comment. 22 chapters.

Yusupov's BOOST YOUR CHESS #3 was not in the package so I will take that as the supplier is expecting it at any time now.

Four ChessBase DVDs of note:

The Catalan by GM Viktor Bologan. This 5h29m video is one I will watch all the way through. I've been eagerly awaiting it.

The ABC of the Alekhine by IM Andrew Martin. 7h30m. My first batch sold out, I will be getting more.

What Grandmasters Don't See Vol. 2 Discovered Attack by GM Maurice Ashley. 3h36m.

Power Play 15: Practical Pawn Endgames by GM Daniel King. Now progressing to the endgames we need to know for faster time controls.

The red type indicates I have some familiarity with the contents and look forward to knowing more. The others will be looked at in the next 10 days. Point being, some know what they want and are looking for and the item can be sold before I get a review out--which is fine with me. Personally, I don't care that much for reviews when done by those who just say the "right thing" so they will get copies for their libraries. Quality Chess does not send me review copies but I still like "Chess Lessons." Everyman I have to ask for review copies.

The foreign press rushes their reviews or comments out -- sends them to my customers, and my customers wonder why I don't have the books yet. It's because the books go by cargo containers and there must be complete plans on filling those containers. Usually their books take 4-8 weeks to get here. There's the Reason.

Contact: bob@thinkerspressinc.com

If you want me to hold something for a couple days, just drop me a line saying that (if you have bought from me before).

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