Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I am emailing a chess catalog today and I will have this new URL to access this Blog in it. I have spent 3 hours reading Google's "rules" about transferring "power" and all that crap when all they had to do was list what I had in my Personal Account (Blogger) and what I had in my Admin Account (gmail). And click Transfer. Simple right? Nope.

The rules are incredible. The reason Apple is so successful wrote author Carmine Gallo ("The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs") is because their fundamental process is to "Keep it Simple." Google is far from simple though they would like to think they are.

So, if I can find out how to open up my "thechessmuseum" Blog I will let you know but I suspect it won't happen. Maybe in the beginning run TWO parallel columns?? I can't "sign in" to the chess museum... they get you so tripped up with user names, names, display names, and different names for different accounts that is like watching your life head for file 13.

Those who registered early on and gave e-mail addresses instead of remaining anonymous, I can find and tell. Those who just look in every day or once in a while but who want to remain anonymous--I don't know who they are.

Today friend Ken MacDonald wrote in an email: "I miss your blog." Isn't that nice?

You can still contact me at: bob@thinkerspressinc.com

I listed that email address hundreds of times. Perhaps some will use it to ask me if I've moved my Blog--Yes... only because with time constraints I didn't want to waste more time only to find out that Google erased data from 400 Plus blogs done in a little over a year!

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