Saturday, June 25, 2011


Now available, here is the packaging. And what follows is on the back of the wrapping cover:

128 Issues -- 2000+ Pages
Fun, but it was work! Lots of hours, photos, articles, a huge number of annotated games (I lost count—600?), great letters, “how-tos,” and all kinds of strong players/writers dropping by such as IMs Gerard Welling and L. Day, FM Allan Savage, NMs R. Holliman and Andy Rea plus our star contributor IM Andrew Martin who wrote bi-monthly for The Chess Reports.
How can you promote a chess event? Just look in the pages of TCR. Chess clinics up the wazoo including the last one.
Who represented some of the best, lesser-known attackers?
Where could you go to get reviews of current DVDs from ChessBase and new books from the major and some minor publishers of chess?
All this was in
The Chess Reports.
Besides the Daily Blog at there was also a chessmuseum blog IN The Chess Reports.
There were “tips” for improvement, short cuts, how to plan, important openings and strategies, but one of the most overlooked parts of TCR were the games. Why? Because IN the notes were the kinds of “tactics” you should really get to know, and which many Club Players miss, way too often.
This was not internet chess, this was dyed-in-the-wool publication material, downloaded every week or two to die-hards who wanted to stay “in the chess know.”

128 PDFs on one CD! You for you!

The regular price of the CD is $199.00 + $3.50 for box and shipping in the USA.

But if you order now through the end of July, you can get it for $189.00 + $3.50 for box and shipping in the USA.

If you subscribed to the last three semesters of The Chess Reports, you can get this CD for $100 and qualify for the FREE "Chess Gangs of New York and London" booklet! If you buy now you will get the Pillsbury booklet coming out in July. If you get it in July, you will get the Capablanca booklet, The Mouthpiece... but it won't come out until September. This is MY way of saying thanks to those who supported me during some difficult times.

The Normal cost of these semesters was $545, so if you act now you will be getting a 65% DISCOUNT! This publication contained some of the most original chess you've ever read, week after week, in colorful PDF downloads from Thinkers' Press. I estimate at least 600 annotated games (there were over 500 on the CD which was created for issues 1-91, and the run went through 128 issues). Openings, endgame stuff, lots of reviews, and articles on HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR CHESS--as that was the main thrust of the magazine.


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