Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My email brings me unpredictable stuff. When it is from non-chess people it is OFTEN just plain "lies."

"I've looked at your terrific web site and I can make it #1 by using some of our techniques, etc."

First of all, most SEO (search engine optimization) is a fraud. Secondly, most of the time you don't want the kinds of results you get. I don't even have a terrific web site, it's not up yet.

Time flies and so do the offers I get to establish links, put up advertising, etc. Phoniness is a biggie on the web yet I have been doing web business and email business for 14 years, since 1997! Quality Chess and Everyman Chess author and master Amatzia Avni wrote a year ago and said I was the first true chess blogger, and I think that is the case (though I couldn't prove it).

At the moment I am looking for a way to get all my posts off of "thechessmuseum" blog and onto my hard drive. By the time I find out about some special software I am sure I could just copy all of them in a couple of precious time intensive evenings. There are some good bits in there so if you want to see what went on before "chesstoast" go to

In the meantime I am closing in on Abbazia 1912, the King's Gambit Accepted tournament. If anyone (Andy?) has a copy of Gillam's book which I could borrow for a couple days, I would like to compare it to the mistakes on the ChessBase website and eradicate mine.

is the last day my room block has been reserved at the Country Inn & Suites in Red Wing, MN. Don Aldrich tells me he "thinks" the hotel is too close and yet too far and that's why I am not getting anyone from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Personally, I think he is right. I mentioned to a a NY marketing friend of mine the other day that people are more interested in the cost of the Hotel rates than the content and that it was unfortunate. Yet, when Seth holds an event in an auditorium of 500 people it's a complete sellout no matter where in the country it is because he has done 20 years of promotions through his past and current blog. He wrote back and said "A good point, Bob."

If you want to get away from your everyday view of things, go to:
I urge you to check him out. He's also mentioned in my 2008 book, The Chess Assassin's Business Manual, which, by the way is now out of print. I am thinking of revising and adding to it and changing the title... what do you think (if you own a copy)? Some of the chess games material and recommendations will probably be deleted. Sorry if you didn't get the original. You wait, it's too late.

Still time to sign up for Red Wing. Am working on brochure #3 today and letting people in on the BONUS evening session.


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