Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I just wanted to see if you were paying attention. As far as I am aware, Mr. Craig will not even be in Minnesota during the month of July!

However, June 29th the block of rooms reserved for Thinkers' Press' chess soiree will be lifted. And then if you come, and I hope you do, it will be "catch as catch can," whatever that means.

Yesterday I mentioned a BONUS for Saturday evening being added, a presentation on "management" and how to get all the things done you need to get done. I said "need," not want... big diff.

Reason: One of the most fun things we (you and me) did when we were younger was to go to chess events and watch our progress rise and fall. A friend of mine went to 40+ events in one 52 week year, and they included places like Chicago. His rating went up 300 points AND he was no spring chicken (he was in his 40s).

Everything is pretty much relative. Things cost less in those days but everyone made less too. One secret I learned to performing well was to get to the tournament site, if it was out of town, the night before. I then dinked around, relaxed, at at a good restaurant, and the next day I would put on my "killer shoes," probably borrowed from Jerry Lee Lewis. Botvinnik in his jaunts, and even Bobby Fischer in his, knew, instinctively, the importance of relaxing BEFORE the event rather than relaxing AFTER you were wiped out by drinking yourself under the table.

I do recall many times studying right up to the start of the next round and I can't think of even ONE instance where it helped me! That's a big "ouch." And after putting all that time in, instead of sleeping, I would get frustrated at the board when my "idiot" opponent would take us in a different direction. The actual "idiot" was me.

Take a TIME OUT and Come to Red Wing. Who knows, perhaps by accident, Daniel Craig WILL show up, or maybe Al Pacino (he likes chess). $189.00 to register.

Contact: bob@thinkerspressinc.com

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