Friday, June 24, 2011


This time I'm showing the cover for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle and its myriad of chess columns. This was a fun project to work on, but it pretty much took all Friday afternoon.

Digging up a good photo of the BDE building, cropping it, choosing an appropriate typeface plus subtitles is all part of the project. Then, should we have an "author?" Of course, Hermann Helms wrote these newspaper columns.

The writing of the copy on the back is always a challenge too. Here is what I put down:
Lasker, Pillsbury, Blackburne, Steinitz, Tarrasch, Schlechter, and many more were the legends of their day, mainly the 1890-early 1900s and writer Hermann Helms, himself a strong player, captured them in print in some of their tours.

And some more:
Games of all kinds (2,540 of them): regular, match, blindfold, exhibition, odds, and consultation.

Many of these tactical and strategical games were-masterpieces chosen for inclusion in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, one of the most respected papers for chess lovers anywhere! Its chess editor, Hermann Helms, also started his American Chess Bulletin.

While today’s modern masters have some skills and tools the older players could only dream of, the very cream of the crop (the Laskers, Pillsburys, Napiers, etc.) possessed amazing talents themselves and could compete today (given the opportunity!) Not only that, but many of their games are clearer and more understandable by today’s club and master players.

© 2011 Thinkers’ Press, inc. with entries by Life Master John Blackstone. Some of these games have been annotated and appear in the new TPi series: “The Chess Gangs of New York and London,” available at Thinkers' Press, inc.

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  1. Does the CD contain a PGN file of the games, or just the columns, or both?