Saturday, June 18, 2011


I have been working on the first one. I like what is shaping up.

I don't suspect, but know, that "opening theory" probably causes more losses for Club Players against a stronger opponent (let's say at least 200-300 Elo stronger) than anything else under 2200. The reason I say that is because in a game played by lesser lights (the majority of us), there are mistakes. In fact, in a game used in my notes, White had several crushing blows but missed them. I present these for you to look at in the BHO newsletter.

Black kept swinging and eventually White either lost on time or had himself in such an "impossible pickle" that he gave up. But, like earlier parts of the game, he didn't know he could keep on slugging to win.

Fact is, most players under 2200 (not all) are short on tactics. If their tactics were better they would stay in the game. Someone said, if you can LOOK one set of moves further than you normally do, you would win or save a lot more games. How can that not be true?

Anyway, it's coming along nicely. Maybe it will be wrapped up tonight. It will be FREE to those who subscribe to SCORE for $20 (and a little bit more to past The Chess Reports subscribers). There is one other condition, look back a Blog or two to find it. As I have invoked before, everyone would like to have a job which pays them enough to at least have shelter, clothes, food, etc. My job is "chess" Mr. Bond. I've played it for years, sold it for years, collected it for years, etc.

In a few Blogs I hope to tell you about another interest, not of mine, but a friend. Maybe I will eventually find it interesting. It is in SHOWING horses and training them. That costs money--doesn't everything? Find your passion and go nuts! (Last night, for about 5 minutes I was in front of one of those all channel cable or dish systems--get this... for 5 minutes or more ALL I saw as I channel surfed was COMMERCIALS! Apparently (my guess) most of them are all put on about the same time! Can't afford to waste my time on that. As much as I hate mowing the lawn (which I just finished doing), I would rather do that!)

Maybe more later today--going to grandson's BD party. When teaching him chess, or trying to, several weeks ago, I found he HATES losing. Already he is on the right track.


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