Thursday, March 14, 2013


Having lived on or near the Mississippi most of my life I saw pilings put together and inserted into rock or very deep into the ground. They represented an amazing downward force.

Well, so did James Mason the Irish-American chess player. What a guy--he took on almost everybody. He did have some trouble with Steinitz when Steinitz was younger (and drilling almost everyone around.) Mason did beat Steinitz a couple times when the Lion had gotten older.

The Russians have championed their short hero Chigorin but Mason wiped the floor with him repeatedly except as Mason was nearing the age of his death (in 1905).

There is a lot of variety in this 42 page booklet which has a cover of Mason putting cement shoes on a Knight. If you purchased $100 or more worth of chess goods and events from The Chess Butler (me) during the months Nov-Dec-Jan 2013, you are entitled to a FREE copy. This time I am giving away 35 of them, the most ever. If you want to buy one separately, they are $12.95 plus $3.50 for first class shipping.

Also you will find out what the final surprise volume is in this series when you buy or receive #11, Mason the Piledriver.


I've been busy

There is also Bird's Brain v From (Gambit) which I wrote. It is 17 pages of pain being inflicted by 1...e5 against 1.f4. Of course there was no desire to supply a refutation especially since IM Tim Taylor believes that when he beat a GM at the Global Do-Dad Open in Minneapolis in 2005 that he "proved" one line might be out of business. So I gave Tim a lot of space and a pat on the back for his achievement. Most of the rest of the annotated games show Black bludgeoning the sense out of White!

In fact there is a special treat in store for those who buy this: 6 games by David Gedult (Titled: Waiting for Gedult). Ole Dave hammers various Parisian players in the early 70s and none of these games are in ChessBase! (I always try to provide value.)

But I learned something important from David and his cronies, White has one Serious weakness. I shouldn't say I NEVER knew anything about it, because I had used this weakness to win a few games myself--but after seeing what Gedult (and others did) it showed I was definitely on the "right track" but missing some of the clues.

You see, whenever my opponents opened with 1.f4 or 1...f5 I would start salivating at the appropriate weaknesses (f2 and f7). All I could think about was launching incredible kingside attacks.

I spent time over choosing these games and a few developed from 1.f4 e5 2.e4, a King's Gambit, so you have to be aware of what you "might" be getting yourself into.

Price is for a Specialized piece of work with secrets and new games and material in annotated form plus extensive commentary by myself on this opening. I love watching Black win over a punk opening. Henry Bird, I think, could be at times, a Bird Brain.

Comes in PDF download form.

Friday, March 8, 2013


The Wizard of Oz, in some form, is coming to theaters here this weekend.

In the original Bert Lahr played the "Cowardly Lion."

I have a challenge to chess players who THINK (feel?) they are now chickens, or cowardly.

Am I the only one who finds chess news about female chess events boring as all get out? I think it's like "Hooters," these journalists and photographers are hoping to "Get Lucky!"

Yes, they look pretty but who really cares about them taking advantage of men chess players or anything else? GIVE ME the proverbial BREAK!

Women Olympiads, etc. to make them feel good about themselves.
I have to applaud Judit Polgar who said NO to all of that. She jumped in with the men and kicked ass, didn't she? Who sponsors and gets all excited about this waste of money?

There are women out there who are better players than I am, but I don't care. I want to see them in the cannibal pot along with the rest of us for ALL events.

If you are not a cowardly lion (or even if you are), how about RESPONDING to this Blog? Women's chess is B.S. My claim. I have a grand daughter and two great grand daughters. I hope they play chess WITH the boys. And I hope they run them out of town!

Years ago when I directed every kind of tournament there was, I had 150 high schoolers on my hands with card index pairing cards. It kept me busy. But I talked to the coaches and I suggested that all these trophies (there must've been over 100 of them) were designed to make EVERYONE feel good about themselves. AND the schools who paid for their attendance and bus rides, food, etc. The coaches said YES, that's what it was all about. Well
"meaninged" people trying to help EVERYONE at once. NO EFFECT.

That "cream" does NOT rise to the top. A few years later they are out of school and they only think about chess when they are raising their own kids and repeating the same non-sensical "feel good" stuff. Hey Dr. Spock's kid killed himself! As Dr. Phil might've said, "Hey Spock, how's that working for you?"

So how come so many of these parents went to see THE HUNGER GAMES? Nothing feel good about all those kids getting slaughtered in that one, and several more scheduled to come out. (Yes, I saw the first one, good movie, but since it was about killing kids, I am not going to see the next ones).

Women are in the work place everywhere. Let those who have the time (and desire)  play among the men and get rid of all those other superfluous events and give trophies and cash to those who earned it. Chess is NOT a physical sport in the traditional sense.

False prizes only last for 24 hours. After that everyone "knows", "Hey Tommy could have kicked my butt. Thank God I was in the weakie female section where everyone was terrible." What kind of pride is that? NONE.

So... are you up to it? Anyone want to challenge me on this? And by the way, I've heard all the PRO arguments in favor of this. I need NEW ones. Get the proverbial GRIP and show your case, or, if you will, agree with what I have written and experienced. I met Judit when she was 12 and she was kicking butt and taking names. I thought it was great.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


New printer ran out of black toner. My guess is the previous owner (user) used up most of it and returned the unit. These babies run from $50-70 per color ad by looking at Amazon's customer website, lots of complaining about the price of cartridges, called Lexmark a monopoly, etc. Wow. Cartridges (good ones) have cost a lot for years> Another new and not altogether great experience. Wasted a lot of time checking out vendors, Lexmark themselves, etc. Finally ordered one and should it be great, will have as my main printer, then my HP 8500 while still working toward a much bigger printer where cartridges and such don't have to be replaced often.

Like one guy said, he will use it for now but never buy another. I try to avoid the word "never" because, the quality was good! I do not use refillable cartridges. One broke up in printer A long time ago (Rhino) after saying they were "guaranteed" to work right. Well they were guaranteed to fail. It's hard to live and learn, too many different brands out there and the $$$ are all made on the cartridges. Shame the greed factor is so great.


Pay close attention. I put a new wrapper around the DVD for the ALL-PURPOSE DEFENSE. Spent at least one whole day on it including marketing copy. And... in order to do that, I had to listen to the whole DVD all over again.

Seriously enlightening. Lots of gleaning. 5 pages of notes. I have studied ...b6 before and Martin (Andrew) makes it snappy and fortuitous. By that I mean, he shows you how a certain set of moves, and move orders, can stymie White from the getgo. This DVD will go for $27.95 in the new packaging but I have it on SALE (in USA), right now for $15.00 +$3.50 for S&H.

If you ask for it, you will get FREE the new Chess Gangs of New York and London book called KERES MACHINE GUNNER, a $12.95, free shipping in USA... but you have to ask for it. This special LOW price os $15.00 is good for the first 15 buyers through March 9.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Facebook is seldom good for commercial entities. Results have shown this by big companies who are hoping for the next big thing. Spend a lot, get little or nothing in return. That's why it is called SOCIAL guys.

Here are a couple things I have noticed that Facebook is GOOD for:
1. Finding "lost" friends;
2. Sharing family/friends info and pictures;
3. Announcing tournament information;
4. Discussing stuff like movies, books, etc.

Here are some things I have found it is good for in a lousy way:
1. Doing stupid stuff, putting it on Facebook, and getting fired and wondering (really???) why. Too STUPID to not put it in a 1-on-1 email to someone. Why is that? They REALLY do want others to SEE them--because "living" close to the edge is their high.
2. A sensible disagreement or argument gone wrong. I have seen some out of control stuff from members of the chess community. And.... it NEVER ends.
3. Asking me public questions instead of contacting me via email--which I give with almost every Post of this Blog. You want to know about a book, ask me in an email. People on Facebook are reluctant to give email addresses sometimes, and instead want me to work on "their" turf. Ain't got time for hand holding.

Hot-dogging it is a form of asking for punishment. Zuckerberg doesn't care, he's made his pile. People do "public" things in ways that embarrass themselves. I was dealing with a Verizon rep recently to get a "holster" for my standard cell phone. He pulled his Windows phone out of his pocket to look something up (or get a message), the thing was the size of a small chess book! They either didn't have a holster big enough at the store for him, or he didn't want to be seen wearing a Gucci bag for it! (Funny, I saw all kinds of people wearing "fanny packs," one of the more ridiculous clothing conventions for MEN!

Lack of discernment is often Lack of Experience. That's why we see so many people under 40 doing some really crazy stuff and loading it onto the web. And yet, there is hope. I've been noticing a bagger at my grocery store. This gal keeps busy ALL the time. No standing around, no talking, no goofing off. I am SURE the bosses have noticed her. If she stays she will get a big promotion and we will be less one competent bagger. She's in the parking lot, moving baskets back into the store. She's helping customers, etc. Doesn't stop.

It doesn't stop there. I was someplace else recently where I noticed the same phenomenon! If I was hiring, and I would like to have help so that I can work on books and catalogs, I would have asked her. And I would have promoted her and paid her more money too as soon as I discerned she wasn't a Job Hopper. There ARE some great employees out there and there are those looking for the paycheck and complaining (on Facebook, for example) how they have worked at some place for 5 years without a pay raise. Geez, I wonder why?

So if you want to ask something, drop me a line at the link below. I don't bite. I may growl, I may be edgy, but I don't bite, and usually, I don't growl or be edgy either. There are very few cases where I want to buy a roundtrip ticket to Nowheresville and strangle somebody! If I did I would probably head to Washington, D.C. but then that would be Lack of Discernment wouldn't it? Trying to straighten out 540 or so Dummies.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


I have to proofread it first and then it probably goes out early.

This issue, in my opinion, is spectacular. Almost everything (almost) revolves around the 1936 New Zealand Championship and the travelogue IN New Zealand for two months. I wonder what Anne (his wife) thought about this! She was probably setting up the next news publication or two and taking care of business--she probably thought "What's new about that?"

He visited many towns both before and after the championship, which he won but was not eligible to be New Zealand champeen as that honor went to Gyles who finished in second place and who was from New Zealand, and by the way, beat Purdy in their encounter.

The second issue is $24.95 in PDF form. 56 pages of type (mostly) with breaking headlines, a few pages of humor (including Purdy's Chielemangus). Purdy also calls out the insane arrangement of the Canadian Chess Championship which ran along the lines of "Something's better than nothing!" and I think Purdy disagreed with that.

What I need most is a typist! I hope I don't get arthritis from this!

If you get a 6 issue subscription the price is $99.95 but on Feb. 28th, that Special will go away.

Hep to it men!

Monday, February 4, 2013


Since I do not own a working TV I did not see the Super Bowl commercials.

A friend of mine says that's his MAIN interest. I believe I saw online that there were 40 of them, mostly 30 second commercials, at $4,000,000 per 30 seconds. That $160 million bucks.

Did you have any favorite? Were there any that you didn't like?

Ask yourself AFTER you've picked your faves if the commercial would, in any way, prompt you to consider the advertised product for a future purchase (if the commercial doesn't do this it is only expensive entertainment). Did your favorites fit into the later category?

I am doing a poll to determine MORE about my customers. Since I haven't watched sports on TV (except at the gym where they are on 24/7) I am looking for comparisons in marketing promotions so any comment you might want to add is OK with me.



Saturday, February 2, 2013

Remember "JAWS?"

I am watching it this Saturday evening. What is the greatest thing about this good movie? John Williams' music.

Everything else was memorable too.

What was the lesson?

Don't panic, but, be alert!!

It's so typical. Ignore the danger, embrace the stupid.

Do we see this in chess? ALL THE TIME.


No one likes to lose rating points.

Everyone likes to gain rating points.


What if I told you to play the best chess you could, without much in the way of preparation, would you be willing to lose 100-120 rating points? For an experiment?

Then, look into the games with more than average enthusiasm (losses and wins.) Yes, painful. You might have 6-8 games to look through, maybe a few more.

Annotation, study, and build up your chest muscles.

Go back to playing with say 3-4 weeks in between as a break.

Will your rating go up? Probably.

Look at those games. Build up your chest again. Go back next month.

Study each time.

I've known several people who did that. Each lost bunches and bunches of rating points.

One of those guys was me.

Not just my knowledge was increased. My rating went up and I became feared because all the other guys were desperately trying to hold on to their ratings. I came to the conclusion THEY were over-rated.

I've given some thought to putting together a strategy book on HOW to raise your rating no matter your age (if you are senile you aren't reading this!) You need two things besides the book:
1) Willingness to "let go" of what you are currently doing (because, "What good is the status quo doing you?" Can your losses amuse you? By the way, congratulate your opponent!)
2) Willingness to "lose" rating points.

Otherwise you will continue trying to protect what you have. You won't be learning anything or improving, you will be slowly declining and what you've been protecting just means you will be protecting a lower rating than you have now.